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Stef M.

"I went to see Dr. Merchant after weeks of pain and tightness in my calf. Dr. Merchant was patient, thorough, and talked me through what he was doing as he did it. He used tissue mobilization and dry needling techniques to help the knots in my calf, and a week later, I still have no pain or tightness. He also gave me prevention advice, and has followed up since the appointment to ensure I am pain free. I couldn't recommend Dr. Merchant more highly!"

Kate N.

"I was 4 weeks from the marathon that I was training for when my left shoulder somehow got so bad I was unable to raise it, take my shirt on and off, put it on a steering wheel to drive, or wipe the counters at my house. I was in so much pain! I was referred to Chris by a friend and he was able to not only fix my left shoulder but he was also able to address my right shoulder too. He was able to help me get the shoulder better enough that I was able to run my marathon! Afterwards he gave me some strengthening to do to prevent the issue from flaring up again. I would recommend Chris to anybody!"

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