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Physical Therapy for Runners

Here at Ascent we understand runners and running related injuries. We are dedicated to helping you get back to running as soon as possible and to help you feel and perform better. 

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What to Expect:

During the evaluation, Dr. Chris Merchant PT, DPT, OCS will assess your:


-Muscle strength


-Running Technique via Video Gait Analysis

 Through in person (or virtual) assessments, a detailed history of your injury and goals, as well as running video footage review we will be able to identify areas of strength and areas improvement due to asymmetries and imbalances. You will receive a comprehensive print out outlining your specific running form as well as IDing areas that could be contributing to injury or decreased performance. Based on what is found we will develop a personalized program of mobility and exercise to help you reach your running goals, get rid of pain, and prevent future injury.


 If you are in Chattanooga, TN this can be combined with in person sessions to address mobility issues or work on performance in the gym. 

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